Optimal Plan


  • Our Signature Plan. Optimize your metabolism by eating 3 portion-controlled meals and 2 in-between snacks steadily throughout your day to help you reach your wellness goals.
  • A full-service program. We work with you to establish a healthy eating regimen, with or without an exercise program, to manage your complete daily caloric and macronutrient rationing (protein vs. carbs vs. essential fats), including your 2 daily snacks.
  • All meals are Chef-prepared, highly customizable, portion-controlled and complete!
  • The perfect choice to achieve optimal health and body weight.
  • We have a 5-week rotating menu system that changes with the season providing endless variety.
  • Perfect for busy adults and professionals who want help in managing their nutrition and wellness.
  • Unlimited dislikes. You choose if you want any foods excluded from your menu.
  • Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Diabetic and other dietary restrictions are adaptable to the Optimal Meal Plan. More information
  • You can place your plan on HOLD for any days you may not require meal service
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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + 2 Snacks

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