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Family Flex Plan Advantages:

  • A perfect solution for busy families who enjoy traditional, healthy family dinners together
  • A wonderful rotating menu consisting of over 50 family-style dinner choices
  • You can order desserts as well! Be sure to ask!
  • Enough food to feed a family of 5
  • No more worrying about fast food solutions, time constraints for busy parents, or kids not getting proper nutritious dinners
  • You choose your term! You can go Weekly (1-3 weeks) @ $40 per family-style dinner or Monthly @ $35 per family-style dinner
  • Complete orders must be placed for your chosen term and price point

$35 per meal

Minimum order of 12 meals, with a 4 week commitment,
or choose week-to-week for $40 per Meal

Family Flex Plan

We'll send you our rotating two week menu.

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