We’re Kansas City’s Premier Gourmet Meal Delivery Company

Freshly Prepared Meals Are Better

Many other meal delivery companies, both local and national, sell frozen or prepackaged meals, some of which you still have to cook! We deliver your meals daily, freshly prepared and ready to eat!

We customize and manage your meal regimen

We take all of the guesswork out of calorie counting, point totals, and meal prep for you.

  • It starts with the health questionnaire you complete. We’re all different which means every meal plan needs to be personalized accordingly.
  • Your meal regimen is completely customizable! You’ll never get anything you are averse to.
  • Portion controlled to be in line with the calories you require to be in line with your wellness goals
  • Managed also by macronutrients including the ratio of your lean proteins versus complex carbs versus essential fats
  • We offer support and help monitor your progress

We have helped thousands of people in the Kansas City metro area lose weight, lower cholesterol, manage diabetes, increase energy, look and feel healthier than ever! Our customers never think of us as just a diet company because “diet” implies a temporary, unwelcome sacrifice. We are a lifestyle company. The testimonials are endless…the proof is in the puddin’!

How is Healthy Meals, Inc Different from other Meal Delivery Companies?

Healthy Meals, IncNutrisystemFreshlyBlue ApronEvolve PaleoFresh 'n LeanFactorFlex Pro
FULLY Customizable and Adjustable Diet Regimens
All Meals Individually Customized and Portion-Controlled (not just block meal sizes)
Your Macronutrient Ratio (Percentages of Proteins vs Carbs vs Essential Fats) is ALSO Customized & Controlled
Any Food Aversions and Allergies are accommodated
Can Accommodate ANY & ALL Specialty Diets including; Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescetarian, Diabetic, Paleo, Restrictive, Highly Sensitive, Diabetic and Pre-Diabetic, Post Partum, HCG)
Has a new 5 week rotating menu that changes with every season. Clients don’t have to worry about making daily selections as they already know they will never get any food aversions or restrictions they may have.
DELIVERED FRESH DAILY guaranteed by 6 a.m.
Ability to place daily delivery HOLD dates
Regular Goal Progress Monitoring
Offers a Mobile Application for Ease of Communication, Progress Tracking, Request Hold Dates and Provide Feedback
Locally Owned and Operated Kansas City Company
Tenured Company (in business over 10 years)
A+ Better Business Bureau Rating and a 5 Star Rating
Never Frozen Ingredients, No Processed Foods,
No Preservatives
Meals & Snacks Arrive Complete and Fully Prepared
Clients and Prospects Can Visit Business Headquarters any time for personal meal plan set up and tour

Healthy Meals, Inc. Facts:

  • We are locally owned and operated! Healthy Meals, Inc. has served Kansas City since 2009.
  • Healthy Meals, Inc. has been a member of the Better Business Bureau of Kansas City since we first opened and maintains an A+ rating.
  • Over 10,000 Kansas Citians have reaped the health benefits and convenience from our customized meal prep!
  • Our staff of over 15 people take pride in what we create and the satisfaction they generate.  Come and meet us and tour our new facility some time!
  • There is NO other company out there that does what we do, to the degree we do it…AND DELIVER IT FRESH DAILY.