Healthy Meals, INC is Kansas City’s premier meal prep and delivery service bringing a convenient and customized dining experience to your doorstep every single day. We take your unique dietary needs into consideration and provide you with a healthy and simple solution to managing your personalized nutrition. Unlike meal services such as Factor and Daily Harvest, our meals are delivered fresh daily.

Absolutely! On average, people spend approximately $20-$25 each day on food that does not guarantee proper portions, convenience, balanced vitamins and minerals, nutrition, or overall quality. Healthy Meals, Inc provides you with all of those benefits at a comparable daily rate. Our pricing stems from quality. Highly experienced chefs and top quality ingredients are what we insist upon to ensure you are getting exactly what you are paying for. Our program pricing depends on what plan you enroll with. When you consider the quality and convenience that are inherent in our service, you’re going to quickly realize the tremendous value you are receiving with Healthy Meals, Inc.

We prepare all meals fresh daily using only select ingredients. Our produce comes predominantly from local farmers; and we select only the highest grades of meat available. We take meals and snacks everyone loves and prepare them in a healthy way and then portion them specifically to each client’s meal profile. We offer a wide variety of cuisines that incorporate grains, lean meats, heart healthy oils, fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll never get bored on this plan, and yes, desserts are included in our Optimal Meal Plan! Check out some of our featured meals in our Food Gallery.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, manage diabetes, gain muscle, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, we can customize a meal plan just for you! We begin by having you complete our detailed health questionnaire. Once we know your age, weight management goals, medical concerns, food aversions and dietary requirements, we enter it into our specialized software to compute your customized dietary needs. Our customization sets us apart from other meal prep delivery companies like Factor. We know that one size does not fit all. Each meal you get will have a specific number of calories, complex carbohydrates, proteins and essential fats that together, will meet your body’s needs and help get you to your goal.

At Healthy Meals, Inc, we are not an “order what you want from the menu” type of set up. We have our own preset menus that provide a ton of variety. We introduce new menu rotations every season and often throw in new menu ideas along the way. Did we mention variety? Eating a variety of foods from the 5 major food groups provides a range of nutrients to the body and promotes good health – as well as keeping your diet interesting with different flavors and textures.

How do we accommodate the foods you don’t like or can’t have? This is the best and easiest part! Prior to your start, you’ll complete our Customization Questionnaire. Here, you’ll tell us any foods or ingredients you are averse to or can’t have.  We have a system in place to make sure then, that if we’re ever serving something from your aversion list, that ingredient is flagged and we omit it or swap it out with a similar item that you can have. For example, if you don’t like Brussels Sprouts, you’ll never get them. Instead, you’ll get another vegetable. If you can’t have gluten, again, we’ll make sure you’ll never get it. If we’re serving a Caprese Chicken Sandwich for lunch, you’ll likely get a Caprese Chicken Wrap with the wrap being an egg white wrap.

Another thing we can do is provide constant Meal Swaps for you. We have some clients that want a hearty salad for lunch, or an egg dish for breakfast everyday. We can do these modifications and many others.

In summation, you don’t get to choose your meals or snacks, but you’ll never get anything you don’t like or can’t have.

Yes, we offer a variety of specialty plans including:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Diabetic and Pre-diabetic
  • Prenatal or Postpartum
  • Extreme Athletic
  • High Fiber
  • Low Carb or Zero Carb
  • Organic
  • Low Sodium
  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose Intolerant
  • HCG Diet

We can even accommodate your medically-recommended or supervised diet. And, if you have a specific food allergy or aversion, just let us know and we will include those in your profile, so you never have to worry about them ending up in your meals.

We offer a huge variety of regional, global and seasonal cuisine so you don’t get bored. Check out our Food Gallery to see some of our menu items. We have a 4 week seasonal rotation consisting of our clients’ favorites. That means you’ll get the best of the season, so you’ll experience a host of new signature items every winter, spring, summer and fall. And we love to mix in creative additions to keep things exciting! Our menu is constantly expanding and we always welcome your feedback!

Your meals are delivered bright and early each weekday morning; guaranteed to be on your doorstep by 6 a.m. We simply drop your meals off in your own personal thermal tote cooler. When you wake up, your meals are there ready and waiting for you to take with you, complete with frozen plastic ice blocks to keep the meals cold the entire day. Before you go to bed, leave your empty thermal cooler and plastic ice blocks back outside your front door and we will pick up that bag and leave you with a new delivery bag with your meals for the next day; it’s easy and convenient! Never flash-frozen or cross-country shipped like Factor or Daily Harvest.

Our signature Optimal Meal Plan includes 3 meals and 2 snacks. We encourage you to eat more times a day than perhaps you are used to, because it helps maintain a consistent blood sugar and energy level, optimize your metabolism, and avoid the unhealthy snacking that can often occur after long periods between meals. Healthy Meals, Inc manages your total daily caloric intake with these two snacks included; we space those calories out throughout the day so you feel satisfied while keeping within your set guidelines.

Our Basic Meal Plan is similar to the Optimal Meal Plan in that you’ll be getting customized healthy meals, but only the core 3 meals each day consisting of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This plan is great if you’re looking to again, add convenience to your daily routine and eat healthy. It’s a great start to optimizing your health and the way you feel, but it does not allow us to manage ALL of your daily caloric intake and macronutrient portioning (protein vs. carbs. vs. essential fats.) The Basic plan offers a great way to eat healthy, get a lower price point, and manage your own overall daily caloric intake with your own snacking or supplemental preferences.

How do I reheat my meals?

Our containers are 100% BPA free and microwave safe. We do NOT want back your plastic containers.  It is our hope that you recycle these containers on your own or certainly keep and re-use the ones you want. Before you go to bed each night, simply place your empty bag and plastic ice blocks back outside your front door for our delivery driver to pick up and replace with your new delivery bag containing your meals for the next day.

The single most important factor in weight loss and weight management is eating the right number of calories. Weight loss happens when the number of calories you consume is less than the amount of energy you expend. Maintaining your current weight happens when calorie intake is in balance with energy expended. We recommend that you drink lots of water and not eat past 8 p.m.

Weight loss will differ from one individual to the next. Ideally, you want to lose weight slowly at a rate of 1-3 pounds each week. Clients that have weight loss questions can consult their health care professional or call us at Healthy Meals, Inc to discuss their goals, update us on your progress, and/or make adjustments to their meal regimen. Certainly, living an active lifestyle or incorporating an exercise plan in conjunction with your meals will only amplify your results. The longer you stay with us, the better your results can be. Not only can we help you lose weight but you’ll experience greater energy and vitality. We have many clients who have reached their weight loss goals and remain on their meal plan simply for maintenance and convenience. Click here for information about how Healthy Meals helps you achieve your ideal weight goals.

We’ve made this very easy! We’ve created our own Mobile and Desktop applications that serve this very purpose! This app primarily serves to track how well you adhere to the diet regimen we provide. How successful you are depends on your dedication and this app will grade you on your efforts. Not only will you track how well you adhere to your diet, but also weight change, daily exercise, and daily water consumption. Plus, you can also give us feedback, request HOLD dates, and refer your friends!

Of course! You can use our app while you’re on your plan with us and certainly thereafter. It’s a great tool to utilize how well you stay on track for as long as you so desire. You can also reset the data within the application should you take a break and want to get back on track monitoring your diet, daily exercise, and daily water intake.

Absolutely! Healthy Meals, Inc is the perfect choice for people who have specific fitness goals. We have professional athletes, fitness and body building competitors, marathon runners, personal trainers, and individuals seeking to be in the best shape of their life on our plan. Just as our customized portion sizes can promote weight loss, they can also promote an increase in muscle mass for individuals who follow a program of resistance exercise. We can just as easily provide the right food for endurance athletes, and other fitness enthusiasts.

What if I need to stop my meal delivery for a day or even a week?

Eating a well balanced, nutritious diet is imperative during pregnancy or when you’re nursing your child. Healthy Meals, Inc offers both prenatal and postpartum meal regimens providing you with an increase in your protein intake equaling approximately 20% more calories than your normal daily meal requirements. Your child will thank you!

Even this is customizable! We can bill with a lump payment, monthly, or even bi-weekly basis. You choose the invoicing frequency that is the best suit for you.

Yes. One of the key components to our service is that we provide the ultimate convenience in having your meals delivered fresh every morning to your doorstep. This cost is separate from our base cost in that it fluctuates depending on local gas prices.

At Healthy Meals, Inc, we will never ask you to sign a contract. Perhaps we’re “old school” but we do not feel it’s necessary to require a signed legal document in order to provide a healthy meal service. We will allow a client to cancel should their circumstances warrant it, but do implement a standard $150 cancellation fee.

Yes we do! Healthy Meals, Inc offers our clients ONE FREE WEEK of meal service for every person that you refer to us that enroll in our membership.

Of course! The delivery of your meals right to your door is what makes our service so convenient. If you live close or drive right by, you’re welcome to swing by and pick up your meals! Besides, we’d love to see you and you can tour our kitchen and meet our chefs.