How do a proper diet and optimal eating help promote weight loss?

The routine of your diet plays a major role in how you store, burn and metabolize your meals. All of the sugars, nutrients and proteins in your diet have a specific purpose for maintaining your body’s health.

The single most important factor in weight loss and weight management is eating the right number of calories. Weight loss happens when the number of calories you consume is less than the amount of energy you expend. Maintaining your current weight happens when calorie intake is in balance with energy expended. Check out these tips to successfully lose and maintain weight.

Healthy Meals, Inc. selections are personalized to individually formulate a favorable macro nutrition breakdown.

Healthy Meals, Inc meal plans are designed to meet your daily calorie needs. We tailor portion sizes to your specific needs and prepare whole foods that naturally help you feel more satisfied after eating.

Downloadable Documents:

Dietary Guidelines for Americans (2010) PDF

Weight loss and Nutrition Myths PDF

Example: BMI Index Table

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For more information and to calculate your own BMI, consult the US Dept of Healthy and Human Services.

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