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Fresh Customized Meals Every day

Healthy Meals, Inc. selections are personalized to individually formulate a favorable macro nutrition breakdown and designed to meet your daily calorie needs. By eating more frequently throughout the day, you help to maintain a consistent blood sugar and energy level and avoid the binging that often comes after long periods without eating.

Unlike companies like Factor or Blue Apron, Healthy Meals, Inc. tailors portion sizes to your specific needs. We prepare whole foods that naturally help you feel more satisfied after eating. Meal prepping for youself can be overwhelming, so let us do it for you. If you are seeking to manage your weight, or start a diet plan, we encourage you to sign up to receive Healthy Meals, Inc. delivered at least five days per week. The longer you stay with us, the better your results can be. Not only can we help you lose weight, you’ll experience greater energy and vitality. We have many clients who have successfully reached their weight loss goals and remain on Healthy Meals, Inc meal plans to continue to maintain their ideal weight.

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Healthy Meals, Inc., was founded in Kansas City in 2009 and has since served over 10,000 people in the metro Kansas City area. As the metro’s premier custom meal preparation and delivery service, we provide a convenient and personalized diet to your doorstep with fresh meals delivered every day. Unlike Factor and other big meal delivery companies, we customize everything to meet your goals. If you want to be healthy, it starts with what you eat, plain and simple. If you want to lose weight and not worry about trendy diets or implementing intense exercise regimens, Healthy Meals, Inc is the perfect solution.

Questions? You can reach Scott or a member of the HMI team at 816-587-MEAL (6325), or you can choose your plan and get started online.

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Susan Ebel
April 28, 2024

We have been using the Family Flex plan for almost four months now. I appreciate this service for so many reasons, not the least of which is waking up each morning to a fully prepared meal waiting for me on the porch. The meals are plentiful enough to feed two adults and two ravenous teenagers, sometimes with enough leftover for a lunch the next day. We get 3-4 meals delivered each week and I appreciate that we can change which days the meals are delivered around our family’s needs. The quality of the food is very good, and I feel we get a much wider selection of fresh vegetables in our meals than I’m able to get from non-local meal services like Hello Fresh. Plus any meal service where I don’t have to do anything other than heating the meal is a win! The last thing I love is how eco-friendly it is. The meals are delivered in zip-closed, heavy duty, insulated bags with reusable cold packs inside. These are reused to minimize waste. The containers our food are delivered in are aluminum or recyclable plastic, so those go into the recycling when complete as well. There is just so little waste in the packaging. Some of our favorite meals have been: Bloody Mary Steak w/ Chimichurri Grilled Chicken and Zucchini Carbonara Chicken Salad Pitas Tomato Bisque Soup with Quesadilla Dippers Beef Pho Ham & Broccoli Swiss Bake Pork Tenderloin w/ Polenta & Mushroom Ragout Slow Braised Pork w/ Green Chiles & Mango Salsa I am grateful to this service for making sure we always have a healthy and delicious meal ready to go after a long day of work and kid activities. We are so lucky to have this solution in the northland!

Adam Molinaro
October 16, 2023

I've been a client for years now and I have to say that Scott and his team are first class. Not only do they communicate well and often, the meal prep is on point. The menu selection is impressive, offering a wide variety even for those with certain allergies or restrictions The quality and taste of the food is exceptional and the portions are generous based on my needs. Overall, Scott and team provide a great and convenient experience with great tasting options and that's why I continue to come back time after time.

Anastasia W
October 15, 2023

This service is fantastic! I was a customer years ago, moved out of state, and immediately started back up again when i moved back. The owner & team cater to your dietary needs without question. Gluten free, dairy free, not a problem. Don't like egg salad, but still like eggs? No problem. I love not having to plan healthy meals or worry about what I'm going to eat. The team here will take great care of you.

Leslie Charles
October 12, 2023

Meals are delicious and different every day. Snacks are often salads made with meat or vegetables that I would have never considered, but everything works. The occasional low-fat baked chips and a sprinkle of cheese is often enough to satisfy me. Sometimes breakfast is french toast or a smoothie; I never know what to expect, but it is always delicious. My gallbladder stays calm and it doesn’t feel like a lowfat (<30g) diet. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t return the containers for reuse; it is unfeasable to keep so many. I wish they would find a way to sanitize and send them to meals on wheels or something. Other than that, I give 2 thumbs up! UPDATE: Wow! I read the 1 star review by the disgruntled prior employee. I ordered the meals to manage portions and total fat macros. My gallbladder has REVERSED damage since starting. Whether it’s pre-cooked or not, Applebees doesn’t serve me a 2.5 oz chicken breast with 2 tbsp of risotto, a daily snack of mystery vegetables salad, and brownies just frequently enough to stay compliant 🤷‍♀️ I stand by my review and 2 thumbs up.

Kenneth Dyer
October 11, 2023

Great food and great convenience. Never have to worry about, “what to eat today”! Great variety. Also allows you to have substitutions for various foods you do not want. Been with Healthy Meals since 2015.

Patrick Saucerman
October 11, 2023

Healthy Meals has so many benefits that that we didn't even realize we we signed up over 5 years ago. Of course, it's very convenient to to have a healthy well balanced meal prepared ready to eat. They are very good with the daily deliveries. One thing we didn't notice at first, but this is Huge!... We hardly have any trash anymore. We use to go to the store and buy our food. Sometimes a portion would end up in the trash that we didn't eat. Also all of the HM containers are stackable, reusable and recyclable. Now we hardly even have 1 full bag trash for trash day. Next we never have to make decisions or argue about what we going to fix for Lunch and Dinner everyday. This makes our lives much easier. No more last minute shopping trips to prepare a meal (not to mention cleaning it all up afterwards). We still get to cook our special meals (or go out to eat) on the weekends. So I still get to use my grill. Last but not least the meals are delicious. They make them to your needs. Any dietary needs and calorie intake you desire. They are easy to communicate to by phone or email. Whether you want a change or if you'll be out of town a few days. Thanks, Healthy Meals

Nancy McNabb
October 10, 2023

Healthy Meals is a perfect fit for us! The meals are so convenient and they taste great. Scott and his crew are the best!

Braden Dunbar
October 10, 2023

I’ve been a customer off and on for several years now. As a busy professional, Healthy Meals has helped keep my diet and weight in check. It’s so nice to not have to plan my meals or think about my macros. The food is always good with great variety! The family meals are also a great option!

Jon McGraw
October 10, 2023

Have been enjoying delicious, delivered meals from Scott and his team at Healthy Meals since 2016! So appreciative!

January 14, 2023

I just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the Healthy Meals program and want to commend you and your staff on an awesome program! The food is extremely fresh, healthy, tastes superb, and you can't get any more convenient than picking up your cooler full of your days nutrition sitting at your doorstep on your way to your car going to work. Excellent Job!!!

Laura Tovar
September 21, 2022

Food is delicious! Great variety. Big servings. Delivered very early daily. Sounds counterintuitive, but my monthly food costs have gone way down for my family of 6. I couldn’t be happier!!

Anthony Brancato
April 22, 2022

Healthy meals is great!! We love it!

Brock Hall
June 12, 2021

Scott and his entire group are not only great at delivering meals, they’re also great people.

Healthy meals is amazing. Love that they deliver the meals that I need for the week. Everything is organzied and the food is fantastic. It has allowed me to focus on other things and stop the pantry eating all the time. Thank you Scott and everyone else at Healthy meals.

Brian Bailey
January 29, 2021

3 weeks with Healthy Meals. Food is fresh and delicious. Delivery has been exceptional. They have been flexible with our schedule and the portion control has allowed 2 lbs per week weight loss without feeling deprived. Definitely recommend