The Benefits of a Customized Meal Plan and Utilizing a Local Meal Prep Service

If you’re searching for weight loss ideas to avoid conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol or blood pressure, or just weight management, considering a meal prep service such as Healthy Meals, Inc. is an excellent way to go. We take all the hassle of meal planning, calorie counting, and daily meal prep out of the equation and do all this work for you. There are quite a few national meal prep companies out there these days. Healthy Meals, Inc. is the only locally owned meal prep delivery company serving Kansas City.

If you’ve ever searched “healthy meal delivery near me”, you’ll come across the big-name national companies that will ship a block of weekly meals on dry ice. The problems with a national meal prep company are numerous and occur far too often. You should ask yourself…

  • Will my crate of meals arrive on the right day? What if they are delayed by the airline or shipping company?
  • How often during the shipping process has the box been dropped?
  • Will the meals have a nice presentation, or will they be in shambles?
  • How can I be sure the meals will be optimally fresh?
  • How many preservatives have been added?
  • Were the meals prepared by the company’s own chefs or were they pre-cooked by a completely different purveyor and just packaged together by the national company’s warehouse workers?
  • How many times will they arrive not to your satisfaction for whatever reason, and you have to demand a refund?

Suffice it to say, opting for a local meal plan delivery company that delivers meals fresh daily removes these concerns. Healthy Meals, Inc. has operated out of their own kitchen in Riverside, MO, since 2009. We employ our own chefs, meal prep staff, and our delivery crew. Your meals are prepared and delivered fresh every day.

Higher Chance of Meeting Your Goals 

Following a diet plan with premade, portion-controlled meals will not only help you reach whatever your wellness goals are, but it will also provide you with more time to care for yourself in other areas. Healthy Meals, Inc. is a lifestyle company. What we do for you involves optimizing your health and nutrition first and foremost. Our meal prep and delivery service has advantages that go beyond convenience and losing weight. HMI is one of the most effective choices you can make to enhance your health, optimize your time, and help you keep organized. Read on for other benefits of meal planning to see what we mean. 

Meal Plans Equal Less Hunger & Less Unhealthy Cravings

A HUGE benefit of a customized meal plan is that you will be adhering to eating habits and learning the appropriate portions to eat. So, after your meal plan has been completed, you’ll be trained on what, when, and how much to eat both when you’re home or out at a restaurant.

You will have better-balanced sugar levels as a result of regular meals and snacks, which should diminish unhealthy cravings. You’re going to feel fantastic and energized as you work toward your wellness goals. 

Your body will learn to recognize the appropriate portion for your desired weight as well, helping you in the future. As a result, you will no longer have unpleasant cravings for junk food, which will leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

Save Time and Money 

The meal plans at Healthy Meals, Inc. are affordable. Despite today’s inflated food costs, we haven’t changed our base pricing since our doors opened in 2009. Compare what you would spend otherwise by looking at our Meal Cost Comparison calculator. You might be surprised to learn what you’re spending on meals and conversely, what you can save. When you add up the differences in cost over a week, the savings of committing to one of our meal plans can be significant. Let’s not also forget about the time you’ll save no longer having to plan, grocery shop, cook, portion out, clean up, and even running to pick up meals to go.

Do you have Restrictions or Food Aversions? HMI Gives You Control

Our meal plans and our menus are closely connected with greater food diversity, which is an important component of a healthy diet since it enhances the chance of fulfilling nutritional requirements and makes healthy eating less boring and more enjoyable. 

Healthy Meals, Inc., maybe more crucially, provides you with control and choice over any dietary restrictions you might have and/or foods that you simply don’t like. Our health questionnaire enables us to not only customize your diet in portions and macros but also lets us know of any restricted diet requirements you want to follow such as:

  • Vegetarian, Vegan, or Pescetarian meal plans
  • Gluten or Lactose-Free
  • Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic
  • Low Sodium
  • High Protein or Low Carb
  • Paleo Diet
  • Removing any Food Allergies or Dislikes you have from your meals.

It is easy for us to follow your dietary guidelines and to avoid any food allergies or dislikes you may have. In fact, you’re essentially doing the meal planning and we’re the ones doing the meal prep adhering to the guidelines you provide us.

Decreases Food Waste at Home

When you think ahead and plan your meals, you’ll have far less food waste to deal with. That’s because you’ll only be receiving exactly what you need for each meal. Making sporadic grocery store runs often leads to over-buying and the excess food can either be neglected or go bad before you can prepare and eat them. 

Contact us for our Kansas City meal prep service and start a meal plan trial today!


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