I have enjoyed finding you both personally and professionally!

I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed finding you both personally and professionally! Personally, your meals are so tasty, and it has greatly streamlined my life. Once I got on the higher level of calorie intake, I wasn’t hungry all of the time and was able to really reorganize my eating. The 25-pound weight loss has been an incidental bonus.

Professionally, I have referred 5 clients to you. All of whom have gotten so much out the experience no matter how long they used the meals. Specifics included: learning portion sizes, learning how to add higher protein for satiety, changing to 5 meals vs. 3, learning to eat at the beginning of hunger instead of when ravenous. I just discussed my experience with your program with my staff and explained how beneficial this has been for my clients. I was able to delineate all of the benefits my clients have gleaned from your meals and explain the various ways in which I incorporated HM’s into the treatment plans for our clients. I foresee many of our clients getting to experience the wonderful benefits that your gourmet meals have to offer!
I can’t tell you how happy I am that I have found you.

–Anonymous Doctor

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