Enjoy Summer Without Weight Gain

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Summer is in full swing and with it comes tons of fun to be had at this time of year!

Surely, we all want to enjoy summer without weight gain.  Sporting events, BBQs, weddings, lake weekends, etc. will inherently have those “not so healthy” food and drink offerings. As Americans, we love these times, we just need to be cognizant of how much we might overindulge.

At Healthy Meals, Inc., we believe that you SHOULD deviate every so often and enjoy some “sinful” food and drink from time to time.  Moderation is key. Whether it be how many beers you have or if you decide to go back for that 2nd cheeseburger with potato salad.  Avoiding these things all together is unrealistic.  Living a healthy lifestyle includes eating right to nourish the body, but also enjoying life to nourish your soul.

So…how do you keep from piling on the pounds while not feeling left out this summer?

Balance is the key!

It’s not necessary to keep yourself from special occasions or avoid treats altogether.

Adhering to a customized meal plan from Healthy Meals, Inc. or even following a sensible nutrition plan of your own consisting of lean proteins, some starchy carbs, and veggies/fruit with some treats puts you way ahead to allow for some summer indulgences… just don’t go overboard with the beer, mojitos, burgers, ribs, and sausages!

Choose what you really enjoy and add in some healthier options to keep you satisfied.

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These “free” days (mixing in some “dietary sins”) should serve two key purposes; one physical and the other psychological.


Having one day of hyper-caloric eating will prevent your body from becoming acclimated to the restricted amount of calories that we’re providing to you six days a week. For example: if we give a client 1,800 calories a day, which is 500 calories below his or her maintenance amount, the client will lose body fat.  However, if we continue to provide the client with 1,800 calories a day without any interruption or variation in caloric intake, eventually their metabolism will slow down in an attempt to save energy and preserve weight {that’s right, your body likes having a certain amount of fat and will actually fight you in order to keep it}, thus resulting in the dreaded “plateau”.

Having one day a week of “hyper” caloric eating will “stoke” the body’s internal fire, cranking up its metabolic output in order to efficiently utilize this influx in calories. This will prevent the body’s metabolism from slowing down and becoming accustomed to your daily caloric intake. It’s like throwing another log on the fire. This sudden increase in calories causes your metabolism [your body’s thermostat) to “turn up the heat” in order to burn these additional calories.  Don’t worry, your body will utilize these extra calories. Since the influx is infrequent and therefore foreign to the body it will utilize and expel the excess calories. They will not be stored as fat.  An additional benefit of having a day of indulgence is that you may also be providing your body with some fat-­soluble foods that are not available in low-fat meals.


This one-day reprieve from the program allows you to relax, eat whatever you like, alleviating any cravings you may have been struggling with. It also provides you with a much-needed mental break from low-fat dieting. Additionally, having one day of sinful eating allows you to reward yourself for successfully adhering to your program. This will mentally prepare you for the subsequent six days. If you increase your calorie expenditure significantly, those high-calorie treats won’t make as much of a difference.

At the end of the day, don’t eliminate summer fun and the indulgences that can go along with it. Just make sure you do a little “trimming” to even things out.

With a sensible strategy, you can enjoy summer without weight gain.

It’s just smart planning.

-Scott Kluck

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